Spreadsheet Tutorial: Using the Excel Repeat Function (REPT)

This video shows how to use the Excel REPT function to visually represent a number. This got me to thinking what is the upside to using this over a bar graph? The biggest upside I could think of is that each visual is right in line with the actual data. Check out this 2 minute video, and let me know what you think. Do you use this function already or would you use it now that you know about it?

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One Response to Spreadsheet Tutorial: Using the Excel Repeat Function (REPT)

  1. Michelle says:

    Under the right circumstances I would consider using REPT – like when there are are only 2 columns of data as in this example because it gives the spreadsheet visual helft and makes it more easy to scan.
    Though technically, you could add enough data and labels on a bar graph to achieve the same effect. But if you were trying to keep a more modest appearance, the REPT function would be a better choice. :-)

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